Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Craziness, Part III

The drive to the airport began at 5 AM Monday, and did I mention I like Dulles Airport? Because I don't. It sucks! However, Dulles means a direct flight, and direct flights mean less chance for airline magic to screw everything up. Fortunately, the flight down went off fine, with me catching a nice nap even during takeoff, and then was treated to an in-flight movie I'd been planning to watch--"The King's Speech." Apparently, this was about a British prince who went on to become George VI, after his father died and his brother married a Nazi tramp, and the king had to overcome a stutter with the help of an unorthodox teacher who was not Mary Poppins. However, our plane landed early so I missed the very end of the film! Now I'll never know who won the war! (Which is exactly what Hitler would have wanted!)

Landing in sunny Cancun, we're soon at the resort and lapping up the luxury. These resorts are like luxury villages, with massive courtyards filled with pools shaped like rivers, hammocks dipping into the pools, restaurants over the pools, bars IN the pools, and the beaches right next door for those who are into the natural thing. (I find it hard to pass up the pool for the beach when I can order pina coladas in the pools). The resort had several restaurants and bars throughout, plus numerous other activities for the athletically or spa inclined.

And the room--it was a glorious suite, with an upper level with a private wave pool and views of the ocean on one side and the Mexican countryside on the other. A constantly stocked minibar made the wave pool a consistent afternoon destination, and there was much visiting the poolside (and poolINside) bars for every type of frozen cocktail you can imagine. Interestingly, the drinks were delicious but not very strong--had they been standard strength I would have blacked out at 9 AM every day. I think the reason for the weaker drinks and not-so-hot hot tubs was to prevent drunken accidents, which makes sense because we Americans are complete morons when we leave the country. It's as though our IQ drops when we cross our borders--don't believe me? Spend an afternoon observing people at the Louvre. (Note--obviously, our military personell are exempt from this, or otherwise we would have spent both World Wars lost in Canada and asking for directions to the Matterhorn, rather than paying the Germans back for Pearl Harbor)

A week of pure, lazy luxury was well needed, as the months of wedding prep and stress needed some release. We made it back, sad to leave our vacation but happy to start our life together in a glorious springtime in DC.

Here's to many other vacations to follow!