Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave Solution

With summer temperatures projected to cross the three figure mark this weekend, my building decided Saturday was a good day to close the pool for no reason. Grrr, anger! Though, for years I had lived pool-less, so I should be able to deal. It'd be nice if the Potomac were clean and had a nice beachfront, but the Mayor isnt' taking my calls so we'll have to make do.

Sadly, we often hear of a number of heat-related deaths each summer, generally among the older and more A/C-lacking population. This confuses, flummoxes, and confounds me, particularly because my retirement plan involves a great deal of unexplained poverty and rotten kids who won't get off my lawn and won't drop me off in an air conditioned supermarket with a lawn chair. But wouldn't this be a great project for Boy Scouts, or some other civic group? Locate elderly and sickly people who don't have working air conditioners, and on hot days (anything over 90 degrees at least) drop them off at libraries, shopping malls or major train stations? These places are all kept cool during the hottest part of the day, so it seems a shame to swelter in a hot apartment when there's somewhere safer to be. Plus, they get to socialize! (Except in the library, where they should be reading and not making shrieking noises)

When evening comes and these places close up (except I guess the train stations, which should run pretty late) the Boy Scouts can come scoop up their charges, and drop them off at a nearby bar or Starbucks, one of those late night ones. By the time the management tells them to buy something or get the hell out, the summertime temperatures should have cooled off significantly.

Well, you know where I'll be in retirement.

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