Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Wedding to Lil' Guy

Tonight begins the trek of a long drive to NY for my little sister's wedding in the countryside. My sister--the "Lil' Guy" as she was always called--is marrying a guy who we fambly members have grown fond of over the years, and is a welcome addition to the fambly. This is a big milestone, considering I remember when the Lil' Guy was just a toddler bumping into things and making all sorts of noise around the household (and between me and my brother, there was plenty of racket and destruction to begin with before the lil' hurricane came through). My fambly even still calls me by a nickname bestowed on me as a result of her inability to pronounce words and she still scowls at being treated as the baby of the group, despite having just finished her PhD in Psychology and getting ready to get married in just a couple days.

But now, with her big day approaching, I can reflect back on those years of growing up with the Lil' Guy, spending quality time and bickering as well, and now thinking how I couldn't be happier to see her reach this milestone.

Here's to a lifetime of happy marriage!

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