Tuesday, September 6, 2011


After visiting a genuine, bona fide crab eatery the weather on Sunday basically begged us to visit the roof of my friend's high rise (which in DC means more than 10 storeys) for some afternoon drinking. While I picked up a half-case of fine old timey Pennsylvania suds, the wife couldn't pass up a chance to make her own signature "berry flavored mojitos" with the help of some pilfered fresh mint--pilfered directly from the plant!--and needing some top notch rum. The rum we used was "Ronrico". It comes in a big plastic jug and features recipes on the label to discourage the direct and solitary use of Ronrico.

Let's just say that a formula of Hot Sun + Ronrico = EEK! This has given rise to the new use of the word "Ronrico" to describe poorly thought out ideas. Here are some examples:

1) Trying to use a coupon at that bordello was very Ronrico of you.

2) The Bay of Pigs was a perfect example of the CIA's Ronrico early years.

3) Are you trying to make a chocolate burrito? What are you, Ronrico?

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