Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebrity Endorsement Fever

Because I'm a complete idiot, I always vote for a political candidate based on which famous celebrity supports that candidate.  How else to explain why Barack Obama courts the support of Lady Gaga or Mitt Romney cherishes the approval of Patricia Heaton? 

I do sort of get the point of having the celebrity headline your fundraisers and rallies--lots of shallow empty people would be more likely to go hear a candidate speak (and pay $1000 for a cheap chicken dinner) if it means also hearing Bruce Springsteen perform or Louis CK tell some jokes.  But the public endorsement itself--that's the gold standard of politics!  If the Dixie Chicks think my candidate is terrific, then how can I differ with that?

Of course, where it gets complicated is when you like two different celebrities, and yet they're each endorsing different candidates.  Whom to choose?  I can't do all this opinionating by myself!  Guide me, George Clooney!  Use your powerful sense of smug to show the way through the fog!

Generally speaking, the famous professional athletes seem to endorse the Republicans, and musicians (except for country musicians and Ted Nugent) tend to go Democrat.  (Though I think Democrats secretly wish Kanye West were a Republican)  Actors generally tend Democrat, except for Stallone, Schwartzenegger and Bruce Willis, as do comedians, except for Drew Carey (a former Marine).  This tells me that if celebrities teamed up by political affiliation in a Battle Royale, the Republicans would win easy.  Toby Keith (a Democrat) would likely hold his own, but with Margaret Cho and Robin Williams having his back, it would only be a matter of time before Republican Don King gunned them all down.  (King does actually have a record)

Still, I can't make up my mind until I hear which way Liam Neeson is going on this one.

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