Monday, June 18, 2012

Syria, Now With More Crazy

With all the mess going on in Syria these days, it brings me comfort to know the Russians are deploying marines into the area.  Generally, a situation never really reaches its true bottom until you can say "now the Russians are involved."

Remember the last time there was a major international incident and then the Russians stepped in and improved everything?  You don't?  Well, that might be because Russia is sort of like the international affairs equivalent of a rattlesnake that grew wings and belches fire--any way you cut it, the damn thing is just going to make a bad situation worse.

Russia is like that guy who sees you giving someone CPR and decides to kick you in the neck, just because.  Russia is like that assistant fry cook who decides to dump tequila all over the grills because shut up, that's why.  The country exports crazy, imports sadness, and causes havoc everywhere it butts its head. 

And now Syria, a country already in a civil war, is about to get a full on dose of pure, uncut trouble.

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