Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Heat

On my way to attend a delightful wedding in Baltimore's Federal Hill neighborhood, I lamented the fact that it happened to be on a day that the thermometer was to reach a point closer to 110 than 100, and it being a formal affair I'd be in a suit.  (A light-colored summer suit, to be sure, but when the temperature reaches India-levels, the difference between a summer suit and a winter suit is about the same as the difference between having a cigarette put out on your hand and being jabbed with a safety pin).  Fortunately, my car has AC, though even at full blast it could only make the drive "slightly less uncomfortable".  100-plus degree summers are why they invented Maine!  (And of course, zero-degree winters are why they invented flights away from Maine)

The walk from where I was parked to the ceremony was only 0.6 miles, which on any other day would be pleasant.  On this day, it meant stopping halfway at a deli to cool down with lemonade, and strategically sticking to the shadowed parts of the streets.  More than once I considered breaking into one of the lovely Federal Hill row houses to see if they had cold water available. 

Of course, once I was at the reception--a very nice affair at the Baltimore Museum of Industry--it was nice and cool inside, and my heat-related woes were over until the ride home. 

I sort of can't wait for autumn.

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