Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snyder.....Damn Snyder

Just in case you didn't already think Dan Snyder is a tool, he's now filed suit against Washington City Paper for damaging his reputation with an article from several months ago, and is threatening to "go the distance" in the litigation and even has gone as far as accusing the paper of anti-Semitism for depicting him with devil horns in their photo. Snyder is apparently Jewish, which a lot of people probably aren't aware of because most Jews aren't about to go around claiming him as one of theirs the way they will with Paul Newman, Wynona Ryder, and that chick from Veruca Salt. Snyder falls into the category of "oh geez, let's hope people don't realize he's one of us Jews", sort of like Bernie Madoff, the Son of Sam, or the NBC president that fired Conan O'Brien. (We Italians are sympathetic--we'd love to be able to disclaim the Jersey Shore gang)

First, this is nonsense--really, if modern anti-Semitism has been reduced to a silly "devil-horns" photo of a person who happens to be Jewish, then I guess we've come a long way from the days of pogroms. Snyder's team should be ashamed to throw around swill like that--it's an insult to those who actually do suffer vitriolic attacks based on their ethnicity.

Second, again, what a tool. The City Paper article--you can see it here--was from November, and didn't get much press. (City Paper, for those of you outside of DC, is like Village Voice--sort of underground-ish, good readership but not exactly CNN) Now, by filing suit against an alternative weekly, Snyder is (a) providing more press for the original article, which is now linked via Washington Post among other far more widely read media outlets, and (b) doing far further damage to his reputation as a rich, thin-skinned bully than the article possibly could have done.

This guy also apparently has a public relations team. If they're working for free, they're overpaid.

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