Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can't Wait to Buy Monica Lewinsky's Book! This is Relevant to my Interests!

Ah, the innocent late-Clinton years, when the economy was still booming and a truly despicable human being sat in the White House and reaped the benefits of a peace dividend and tech boom that he neither caused nor ruined.  When the biggest threat to the political career of the president wasn't a major hurricane or lagging economy, but a young woman named Monica Lewinsky. 

Just in case you're thinking "why bring her up now?  This is about as relevant to 2012 as Blues Traveler", well join the club.  But apparently Ms. Lewinsky has gotten a $12 million book deal which says more about our book-buying public than it does about her.  I can't blame Lewinsky for this--hey, why not cash in? 

I just can't say I agree with the article's author though--why feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky?  She basically is financially set at a young age, unlike the proverbial Bangladeshi rope farmer who would have to work for sixteen thousand years to earn $12 million.  Plus, it's not as though she was just going about her duties as a White House intern--a post you have to be pretty well connected to get, incidentally--and Clinton just went and forced himself on her (he had other victims for that--Monica never claimed anything happened against her will, though I haven't read her book).  You choose to get involved with Bill Clinton, you become notorious. 

Yes, it's true that Monica Lewinsky could direct an Oscar-winning film, develop a cure for cancer, and take over as head of IBM and yet still the only thing she'll be known as is the curvy woman who [insert childish euphamism but we all know what we're talking about] with Clinton.  But in the grand scheme of things, worse things have happened to better people.

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