Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walk-a-Thon 2012

This year, my fundraiser for the National Foundation for Cancer Research will be a Walk-a-Thon--a one day, 26 mile walk around the District of Columbia.  I have asked donors to pledge on a per-mile basis, and so far have $19 per mile pledged.  Hopefully that number will go up, and hopefully I can make the full 26 miles.

At first, my plan was to use a pedometer (not to be confused with a "pedo-meter", which measures something entirely different and disturbing) as a phone app, but after testing this and seeing how much battery juice it uses I realized it would not last for a full 8-plus hour walk.  So instead I've mapped out the route ahead of time, which goes like this:

1) Starting from my home in SW D.C., walking up Independence Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue SE, to where it meets Potomac Avenue.

2) Tracking back along Pennsylvania past the Capitol, up to NW to 14th Street.

3) North on 14th, up to Columbia Heights.

4) At Columbia Heights, going west on Calvert to Connecticut Avenue.

5) North on Connecticut, to Military Road, then west on Military to Wisconsin Avenue at the Friendship Heights Metro.

6) Track back along Military to Connecticut, then south on Connecticut to Dupont Circle.

7) At Dupont, west to Georgetown until I hit the University.

8) In Georgetown, take M Street east all the way back across town until it hits Massachusetts Ave.

9) Take Masshole Ave past Union Station, past Stanton Park to Lincoln Park.

10) At Lincoln Park, track back SW on North Carolina Avenue until it hits Pennsylvania Avenue.

11) Take Pennsylvania west to Independence, then west on Indy until I hit home in SW.

It should be a hell of a day-long journey, with time to grab lunch on the route and perhaps meeting some friends along the way.  And if I can raise in pledges as much as $100 per mile, it would mean a decent donation for a charity dedicated to cancer fighting research.

Walk-a-Thon is scheduled for September 22nd!

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