Thursday, November 13, 2008

Culture Vulture

Tonight I'm going to catch a bit of "culture"--Erin and her fambly are kindly taking me to see a modern dance show downtown. The conversation went like this:

Erin: My fambly and I are going to go see a modern dance performance.

Me: Neat! I'll be home watching TV and maybe having a beer! Though I'm not sure what kind of beer.

Erin: Do you want to come with us to see the performance?

Me: Sure, so long as you're not just inviting me because you feel sorry for me sitting home and watching TV, since I do enjoy the Thursday Night Lineup and need to make more space in my fridge...

Erin: No, I understand your way of life....

Me: What makes it "modern" dance? Isn't "bump and grind" techinically "modern"?

Erin: (grumble grumble)

Cultural evening, here I come!

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