Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Temperament

Had my exit interview today at work--it was very cordial, mostly checklists of items that need to be covered prior to my departure on Friday. One thing I noticed was that through the process it has been remarked that "we appreciate how professionally you're handling this." While I like that they acknowledge my professionalism in handling a layoff, it does make me wonder--what do people normally do when they lay them off here? Scream and yell, beg for their job? Freak out? Well, I'm just not a very dramatic person--I always thought of myself as dramatic, as per my Mediterranean roots, and all the legacy of Opera and grandiosity. But when it comes to big life changes and decisions, I usually handle them with the stoicism of a Scandanavian. Not sure where I got that from--my parents certainly aren't that way.

But I guess my main reaction to all this is "well, this is the economy, it sucks, and I need to hit the ground running pronto" rather than "EEEEEEKKK!!!" There just isn't time for being unprofessional. I'll have plenty of time to be unprofessional during my time off!

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