Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Group In Town

My friend Paula and I were chatting about ways to survive this coming Maine winter--there's a lot of reasons why people are going to get completely antisocial at that point, namely, it's too cold to go out; my (insert name of significant other) wants to stay in and watch TV and that frozen pigeon on the sidewalk makes me easily convinced that s/he is right; I can't guarantee that the next terrorist attack won't be on the bars of the Old Port. To that I say, for shame! The cold weather is all the more reason to be social and have stuff to do.

So we're setting up a "happy hour club" except unlike most such clubs, this one:

1) Holds the regular happy hours at people's house/apartment;

2) Requires that rather than random strangers just respond to flyers, any invitee has to be known to someone who is already a member of the group; and

3) Will not be completely lame.

Is this all about weekly happy hours, rotating from home to home? Yes. But in a more accurate way, no. Because we plan to do so much more! Remember how "Fight Club" started with, well, a fighting club, and then it turned into a soap business and then somehow they blew up a bunch of buildings and SPOILER ALERT the Ed Norton guy ended up with that goth chick? Well, we're not going to quite do that, but I thought it was a cool movie and you should see it if you haven't.

But we do plan other events, charitable events, professional networking, road trips--but we need some nucleus to start the whole thing. Stay tuned!

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