Monday, November 24, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The weekend had its fair amount of activity. Friday after work, some co-workers took me out for drinks, as it had been my last day at my job (in a way, celebrating the start of a LOOONG weekend) and after that I wasn't in any shape to drive so was unable to join the folks who were going to see our friend Shawn's band in Freeport. Saturday Erin had some free time from her studies and so we invited a bunch of her nursing buddies over for a pot-luck turkey dinner, which now means I have enough leftovers to carry me through this week. Also, I'll be all turkeyed out by the time Thursday rolls around. But people had fun, and sampled some fine brown ale which I had brewed.

The next morning, Erin had a bit of a cardiac event, so we headed up to her folks' place to check out the heart monitor and contact her doctor. (The heart rate was well above normal and fluttery, so the doctor said to check again at 5PM and if it was still like that we'd have to go to the emergency room.). It was looking dicey at one point, but then all of a sudden her rate dropped back to normal, and the situation was under control (although she was quite exhausted). Meantime, we watched the Patriots play the Dolphins and then saw some of the original "Rocky" and had some pizza. That was our Sunday.

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