Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Well Soon Chole

Today our pal Nichole (or Chole as she likes to be called) is going to hospital for some routine surgery, and we're all pulling for her--soon she'll be back on the scene, eating chilli and drinking nog like the best of 'em. Here's to modern medicine!

It's times like this that one marvels at how far modern medicine has gone in recent years. Just a couple centuries ago, it was all leeches and drilling holes in the head to let out the evil spirits. And it was like that for centuries before that. Now, each year it seems like they come up with some brilliant new way to diagnose and treat various problems that were once deadly. So long as the incentives are still there to research and develop new technologies--and make them more widely available--we could someday see cancer as a nuisance rather than a deadly threat, and brain tumors as a minor blemish to be excised rather than a threat to life.

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