Monday, January 5, 2009

Gooood Eeevening

If you want to be productive with your time, avoid a website called since it contains a lot of tv shows and movies online and you can lose yourself catching up on them. My current culprit is the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, which are fun to watch since each one contains a brand new cast performing a brand new teleplay. I can't really think of a modern show which uses this sort of format (it was also popular with the old Twilight Zone, and I'm sure countless others, like Outer Limits, etc.). But the easy access to these shows online can eat away great stretches of your day.

Hitchcock was a hell of a director, bringing us great films like Rear Window, the Birds, Vertigo, and a bunch of others that could put Breakin' 2--Electric Boogaloo to shame. What a class act! With simple suspense, the killer in Psycho could keep you on edge far better than anything in Prom Night (both the remake and the horrible original) or My Bloody Valentine. Learn from the greats, modern directors!

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