Friday, January 9, 2009

The Winter

The experts say that winter officially began back in late December (the 21st, I think) but the experts clearly haven't been outside since it started getting cold in November. I like to think winter begins the minute it's too cold to sleep in your car, and ends when you can eat and drink outside again. Of course, this means winter varies based on where you live, but we already knew that--Florida doesn't have a winter, they have Light Summer, Severe Summer, and Autumn-ish. Most of the rest of the country has Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Maine has Winter, Winter, Oh, Geez Is It Still Winter, and Don't Blink Or You Might Miss What We Call Summer.

The cold isn't the worst part of winter for me, since you can always just bundle up (not very flattering, and look out hat-hair, but practical) and it just takes longer to warm up the car. It's the never-melting ice and snow that depresses me--you have to walk carefully and always feel extra cold under your feet.

Fortunately, by my calendar, we are nearing the mid-point of winter, as days are gradually getting longer and we're getting ever closer to the melting season. January is the worst, since December at least has holidays and February is at least short (and with more sunlight).

I'm thinking I might take another jaunt to Florida for a week or so soon, since I can just as easily do a job search from down there and at least get some outdoor exercise. Plus, they do shrimp right! Who doesn't like shrimp, I ask? Anyone who doesn't is a bit dodgy, if you ask me.

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