Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009, Let's Hope

Back from Sarasota--and what a nice pleasant time it was! Sunny every day, temperature in the 70s and 80s, wading in a heated pool, with a view of the bay and palm trees all around, bonding with the fambly--it was a much needed recharging of my frozen batteries!

During the trip, we had some delicious home cooked meals, and some fancy rum drinks on the terrace. Kelly paid a visit and we had a chance to see the magazine she edits (Boca Magazine, based in Boca Raton) and catch up for a bit. We also went gator-watching, though very little gators to be seen! Curse you, gator preserve!

The result was a full rest, clearing my sinuses and thawing out thoroughly. I now have a nice tan and can pass for Cuban. Ole!

Last night we attended the Chris Trees New Year's Extravaganza, which was loads of good fun and laughs, though we didn't have the TV on so we missed the ball dropping. So technically, the new year didn't count and we are still in 2008.

Here's hoping for a terrific year, filled with adventure, a good new job, and health and happiness. Happy 2009!

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