Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Blues

Word is Chole's surgery went well, so there's a bit of good news to start the year off right. And now I've booked my flight for a ten day trip to FL, for some sunshine and relaxation--I figure my job search can proceed just as easily from there as it can from this place. It warmed up a bit in the past couple days (relatively speaking, that is) but still this isn't the best time to be up north. May as well travel when you can!

Last night attended a "Greendrinks" happy hour with Paula and caught up with some of the gang there--the thing had some sort of "eco" (ecological, though also economical, since it was a free food and drink event--very useful when you're on a tight budget) theme to it. From there, we met up with some trivia folk at Ri Ra, to try and re-start our reign of trivia terror. We put up a good show, but ultimately lost by a point. Well, it gives us something to fight for!

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