Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowy Days

Another fun filled weekend--the long bar crawl on Saturday covered a good part of it, and it provided a chance to catch up with the gang and visit some old haunts. In Maine in January, it's essential to have a reason to be out and about, otherwise it's too simple to sit indoors and read and drink and watch films. Me, I'm an outdoor person (in that I like to eat at outdoor cafes) and I enjoy varying weather (that varies between 70 and 85 degrees).

Next morning I plan to meet up for blunch with the Trees, and she says she might invite a few of her "peeps". One thing about Trees is that she never operates alone--like a lioness she's at her best in packs (or is it prides? Gotta watch more "Nature"). So I shouldn't have been too surprised to get to the blunch place and find out that we needed a table for 10! The only problem with large tables like that is (a) there's more odds of people showing up late and (b) you can't really converse well with everyone since the table is so long. Still, they all did finally show, and Trees began tearing apart the antelope carcass so they could all eat.

And then another snowfall and parking ban! This might be the fourth or fifth this year so far. Too bad you can't sell snow.

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