Friday, September 25, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright? More like Frank Lloyd Wrong!

This article got me thinking about how great America is. Not because someone is going to have an opportunity to stay at a Frank Lloyd Wright house, because while that is totally super awesome, the real issue is greater than that. I got to thinking, if Frank Lloyd Wright was the same exact person with the same exact accomplishments in architecture, but he was Belgian, say, then the Belgians would be going all batshit Kool-Aid over Mr. Wright. Every street in every town in Belgium would be named Rue de Frank Lloyd Wright, and their airport would be called Frank Lloyd Wright International Airport. He'd literally be the most famous Belgian to ever live. That's because there are no famous Belgians, except maybe King Leopold but even I don't know who he is and I'm the one who brought it up.

(Granted, Belgium is famous for inventing French Fries, though even this name was stolen by the French because that's what the French do, they steal, and pick fights with Germans and then collaborate with them when they get their asses kicked; the Belgians are also known for being the seat of NATO, and inventing some terrific beer--but can you name even one famous Belgian? Hell, I used to read Tintin and Asterix as a kid and can't remember who wrote those)

So my point is that Frank Lloyd Wright, an accomplished American architect, is just not that famous here in the U.S. because he's being crowded out by more famous Americans like Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, and Paris Hilton, and what was my point again?


  1. He may be fictional, but Hecule Poirot is Belgian. And Eddie Merckx won a bunch of Tours de France. After that, I got nothing else.

  2. Foggy, the difficulty of thinking of very famous Belgians proves the point I think!