Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye Still Douching It Up

This bit o' news was overshadowed by Patrick Swayze's death (which itself could only be overshadowed by the death of Chuck Norris), but it seems rapper Kanye West has made a horse's ass of himself again. At MTV's Video Music Awards, country/pop/bubblegum singer Taylor Swift was being given an award for one of her videos, and in middle of her acceptance speech Mr. West decided it was a good idea to storm up on stage, grab her microphone and basically announce that it was total bullshit that she got the award instead of his preferred candidate, Beyonce Knowles.

Now, anyone who's followed this overrated retread over the years isn't really surprised by this stunt, since his insecurity issues stemming from growing up the only black kid in an upper middle class white neighborhood and being short and geeky and (I can only assume) sexually confused has left Kanye with a constant need for attention and such outbursts have become common. This was notable for a few reasons:

1) Instead of just making a general douche of himself, Kanye had to rain on another person's parade. Taylor Swift, to my knowledge, never did anything to deserve such an intrusion.

2) Kanye, who is basically a wimp (going back to his years of extreme nerd-dom) needed to assert his street cred, so he picked the one target he knew wouldn't lodge a shoe in his ass--a 19 year old female country-bubblegum singer. Had he tried to interrupt Snoop Dogg or Travis Tritt, we'd be seeing little bits of Kanye spread all over the Los Angeles area.

3) Kanye went on Jay Leno's new show to apologize for his behavior. Ms. Swift accepted the apology afterward.

Know what I think? This whole thing was staged by MTV. They don't actually show videos on that channel anymore (the clips at the awards show are the only time any part of any video makes it on that sorry channel) and the VMA's are a bigger Who-Gives-A-Damn than the Grammys. So they arrange with Kanye, Swift, and Beyonce--and secret agent Jay Leno!--to have the turd go up and interrupt a speech, get clips and writeups to make it online the next day, and everyone's a winner. Think about it, people are talking about Kanye (feeding his fragile, dandyesque ego), Taylor Swift gets sympathy and more press, Beyonce comes across as having some video worthy of the interruption, and Jay Leno gets the apology scoop on TV the next night. Meantime, people are talking about the VMAs which are otherwise forgettable.

People, we've been played like sheep by the MTV/Leno/Kanye conglomerate. Open your eyes!


  1. Agreed. MTV died years ago. Now they resort to pulling PR stunts to keep their name relevant in the news.

  2. DF--yep, from the Maddonna kissing Britney thing, to the Eminem and Bruno thing, what more do they have to do to amp it up?