Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Robot Nixon, Back in Action

I saw "Frost/Nixon" over the weekend--SPOILER ALERT! Nixon never gets re-elected President after the interview with David Frost!--and found it very engaging, as I have with most Ron Howard films. Some of the facts of the film were reportedly embellished for the sake of the storytelling, but what I saw was a remarkably balanced view of Nixon as a flawed but very human man left hollow after being driven out of office for his misdeeds. Got me thinking though:

1) Why on earth was a guy who had no people skills and no real comfort around people drawn to politics?

2) Even more amazing--he was quite successful at politics. That'd be like George W. Bush being successful as a college professor, or Bill Clinton being successful at being a priest.

3) If I was president, and being on trial for impeachment, I'd eat an apple during the whole proceeding. Nothing says "calm and collected" like eating an apple.

4) Just once, I'd like to say "if obstructing justice in the name of love is a crime, then I don't want to be right!" And when it's pointed out that that is indeed a crime, I'd change the subject.

5) Nixon probably could have lasted the remaining two years of his term if he'd suddenly pretended to only speak Spanish when the Watergate questions got ugly. By the time they got the articles of impeachment translated, he'd be out of office. So long, suckers!

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