Friday, September 4, 2009

You've Got a Fiend...

We're not expected to always have everything in common with our friends, unless of course our "friends" are consisting of cloned versions of ourselves. Sometimes we find very little common ground among our friends, to the extent that with two of my close friends from New York there is only one thing that all three of us agree on together--that the song "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake is a completely and totally awesome song. Other than that, we can't agree on ANYTHING.

Why do I bring this up? I have an urge to unload off of my chest some things to my friends that have been eating me up inside. It's okay for us to disagree!

1) I quite simply cannot see the appeal of Jimmy Buffet. His music just seems bland and pointless, sort of like a potato stuffed with cauliflower.

2) The original Star Wars trilogy--to say nothing of the more recent abominations that followup up the trilogy--just wasn't my cup of tea. Weak acting, terrible writing, and a story line that had only one interesting twist. Not a terrible movie--the special effects were terrific, and it was imaginative--but always seemed overrated.

3) PBR is really terrible beer. I can only drink it if there's really no other choice. And then I know a headache is coming.

4) Flip Cup is the lowest form of drinking game. Forget the fact that it's unhygienic--which it is--but it's also about as interesting as trying to see if you can get a plastic cup to flip onto it's top. Watching flies fornicate would be more interesting. (Actually, that would be more interesting than a lot of things! I imagine they say something like "you make me feel so REAL!" at high pitch).

5) Your political opinions may be well thought out, and I may agree with some of them. But when you start talking like anyone who disagrees is an idiot, I immediately dismiss anything else you have to say. Unless you're talking to actual Nazis or Communists, there's no reason to demonize.

6) We all love our sports teams. But if you take it so seriously that you get upset when your team loses, that's pretty sad. Consider that the team is made up of a bunch of players and coaches who are only on that team until another one offers them more money. Then ask yourself what you're so loyal to. The uniform design? Okay, maybe I "don't get it" but that doesn't make me less of a sports fan simply because I can enjoy the game without rending garments over a loss. (Unless I had money on the game!)

Again, we have our disagreements--but among friends it's our differences that make things interesting. Feel free to add in the comments areas where you disagree with my own opinions.


  1. "I imagine they say something like 'you make me feel so REAL!' at high pitch."

    Seriously, I almost peed my pants reading that line. I've never enjoyed flip cup either. :-)

  2. Sorry for always jumping on these right away, but when they show up in my Facebook feed, it just can't be helped!

    1) I kinda like JB. I don't go out of my way to listen, but I've got a few songs in iTunes and I don't mind listening to them when they come up on shuffle. I know some people who *despise* him, though... I think the whole Parrot Head craze thing may be more about drinking copious amounts of alcohol. As if one needs an excuse!

    2) Have to admit, like it quite a bit. Lucas created an alternate universe with its own gadgets and mysticism. Lightsabers are a pretty sweet idea, you have to admit! The Force? Maybe a little hokey, but, hey, I'll buy into a gimmick as long as it pays off - and it does! The Ewoks being a notable exception..

    3) You know, I've never had a PBR. I kinda want to try one, just to see how awful it is.

    4) I've also never experienced the wonder that is flip cup. Not too upset about it, though. You want me to play a game whose rules AND objective are essentially explained in the two-word name of the game? It also sounds like something people stop playing when they turn 12. Again, refer to #1 - one needs an excuse for drinking?

    5) This is the reason I wanted to post. I am with you 100% on this. So I went to the political forum I somehow accidentally ended up moderating (it's actually an exotic car forum, but I somehow end up taking care of all the troublemakers in the political sub-forum). Here is a list of posts in the very top thread right now. It's titled "The Indoctrination Your Kids Will Face with Obama's Speech". Here is a summary of the comments, in order:
    1) Original post linking to an article about the subject and calling it "government-mandated propoganda"
    2) Same guy, with three quotes and nothing else: 1) Stalin, Lenin, and Bill Ayers.
    3) "My boys are staying home that day. PERIOD."
    4) "Mine also"
    5) Poster claims he is glad to see people taking action, refers to it as "socialist bullshit"
    6) Same poster, claims this is what is wrong with our country, and compares Obama to Kim Jong Il, and ends with "All hail the damn Obamessiah"
    7) "Heil Obama"
    8) Criticizes ABC for airing an Obama "infomercial", but not a critical advertisement
    9) Compares Obama to Chavez.
    10) Says his daughter's school district won't be showing it
    11) Comments on above with "Don't mess with Texas!"
    12) #10 says he wrote the school a nastygram just to remind them not to air it
    13) "Keeping your kids home from school because of a speech about the importance of education speaks volumes about your value of education "
    14) Criticizes #13 and says it's going to be Obama asking children to do things for him

    Sadly, this goes on for quite some time..

    I've been trying to avoid that place lately. It's actually turned into all the uberconservatives scaring away everyone else, and they just use it to all bash Obama and "Right on!" high five each other. It's ridiculous. I think I need to drink heavily. Saturday, 5pm?

    BTW, can you do FF? I know it was kind of last minute..

  3. Just wanted to pipe in and say that PBR is at least a beer flavored beer rather than that abomination called Pumpkinhead, that tastes like a pumpkin pie with cinnamon and nutmeg. Absolutely disgusting. Granted PBR is not a top notch beer in any sense of the words, but at least I don't fell like I am at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table (and am reminded of all the family conflicts that go along with it).

  4. Jim--this is true about Pumpkinhead not tasting like "beer", but I have to say--PBR is sort of like a mockery of beer.

  5. I couldn't agree more about Star Wars. Never got it.

    I love flip cup. What you're missing is that it's the relay and team part of the game that's fun, not the flipping the cup...

  6. Beck--the trick is my team always has poor relay skills!