Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ah, Groundhog Day, when there's decorations everywhere, people handing out Groundhog Day greeting cards, having friends over for traditional Groundhog Day meals (my ancestors brought over many a Groundhog Day holiday recipe from the old country, by which I mean Pennsylvania). There's just something so magical about this holiday, which is perfectly sandwiched (and don't get me started on traditional Groundhog Day sandwiches! Every time I hear a Groundhog Day song on the radio, my mouth waters just thinking of them) between Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day. It is no wonder they call February the holiday season.

Of course, the government hasn't officially recognized Groundhog Day as a federal holiday, but that's only because they're bastards. One can hope they come around though! Otherwise I have to decorate my Groundhog Day shrub on the weekend before.


  1. What does one decorate a Groundhog Day shurb with?

  2. DF--it would have to be chocolates.