Friday, February 12, 2010

I Work Outta Da Home

Working from home the last two days (due to some weather issues that hit DC every twenty or so years) I've learned to weigh the pros and cons of this lifestyle:

1) Pro--can wear sweatpants and slippers all day long

2) Con--it's hard to feel authoritative while wearing sweatpants and slippers all day long.

3) Pro--no commute!

4) Con--commute was short anyway and I sort of miss swerving to not hit pedestrians who have to walk on Route 50 since the retards running the county can't clear a sidewalk for them. (Seriously, the message from Fairfax to the car-less is "move somewhere else". It's message to those of us with cars is "try not to hit them".)

5) Pro--can listen to back episodes of "30 Rock" while I work.

6) Con--after three seasons of "30 Rock" I now sound like Alec Baldwin when I talk. Wait that should be "pro".

7) Pro--I can make a hot meal for my lunch right in the kitchen.

8) Con--after a couple days you can get sick of pasta. And not getting outside.

9) Pro--I can move the laptop around and lay on my bed while I work.

10) Con--after a couple days of that, it's nice to work on a desktop with a good office chair.

It'll be nice when this crap finally melts--spring is around the corner.


  1. Just made it into my own office (although I snuck in for a couple of hours yesterday) and the journey was much like yours. Arlington, despite it's commie ways, is giving the car-less the same message. And seeing as how I no longer have a parking space at my office, they're talking to me.

  2. Foggy--it's quite assinine--and I get that clearing the sidewalks isn't as high priority as clearning the roads in a suburban area, but they really make no effort at all here and creates a serious danger. The suburbs around here were designed with a "poor people shouldn't live here, ha ha" attitude, but with the population growth it is now a lot like LA or Houston, plenty of poor people walking on medians, waiting for lousy buses, and getting hit by cars. What a mess.