Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring's Gotta Come

After a whirlwind trip to visit the fambly in NY for my mom's birthday last weekend (and yes, wine was drank and a new pasta dish was eaten which will have to be replicated, since it incorporates my fambly name in the title--this is about principle as much as it is about food), I'm reminded of the downside to a short workweek. Five days worth of work crammed into four!

Snowbanks are still all over DC and Virginia, and the melting onto the highway? Yep, it causes splashage of salt and grime and wet all over my windshield as I drive, making the sun's glare completely blinding. Ugh! Nothing good can be said about this weather.

But the saving grace is the fact that February is half over, days are getting longer, blah blah blah, and before you know it I'll be watching Nationals games and drinking wine in soda cans in the park and wearing a t-shirt that reads "not a sex offender so don't ask me for candy". Then I can start complaining about allergies and heat and bugs and crap, but it's nice to change it up a bit. I figure in Alaska they have to spend all year complaining about the cold and the lack of sunlight and their retarded former governor.


  1. Alaskans complain about Sister Sarah Palin? Really? This is such a shock to me.

  2. for a Maine property owner, you sure bitch about the weather down there a lot!

  3. Refugee--no, it's true! There are some people out there who actually don't think Sarah Palin is a source of pride for this country.

    Brooks--somehow I think we got Maine's weather this February. I hope that also means a mild summer.