Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Whenever I meet anyone who has nice things to say about snow it takes all my powers to avoid beating them to death with a snowshoe. (I'm a sucker for irony) A second straight weekend of this white death, and if it weren't for being able to drink with friends in their apartments (and watch the Super Bowl, which was neat since we were rooting for the Saints) then I might have descended into madness. I figure people who "like" snow are actually just trying to make do with the fact that they can't get away from the snow so they are doing the best they can. Now, people who actually travel to places like Colorado to be near the snow? Mentally unstable, keep them away from your children and breakables. And especially your breakable children.

Getting out of the city yesterday was an ordeal. Metro apparently goes by the "we need two full days to get the trains running aboveground" rule that was established by the Soviets, who were known for a similar work ethic. Since I live outside an aboveground station, I was in a bit of a bind. Fortunately, a friend of mine was able to give me a ride, and it would have been a smooth 24 minute ride (the normal travel time from downtown DC to Vienna, when traffic is light) except the part of I-66 between the beltway and my exit was a parking lot, as four lanes were reduced to one and my exit itself was closed. Chain Bridge Road? You better believe that one was also taken up by extra trucks. The drive ended up taking over an hour.

All this and we're due for even more starting tonight. Hooray.


  1. Hang in there brotherman. Sunny summer days are in the forecast...eventually.

  2. DF--at least we're in the last full winter month. We could use some unseasonably warm weather right about now though.

  3. I completely agree. The snow is sucking the life out of me. I'd better be able to get out this weekend or else...or else...I don't know what, but something bad will happen!

  4. Zan--the image of you going Snow-Mad is enticing, but a nice out-of-season thaw would be even nicer!