Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Film Idea

I have an idea for an epic war film that's also a political thriller. Picture it: a ragtag group of misfits lacking jobs or any real skills and espousing a hateful and irrational ideology manage to win an election in a large European country (let's call it "Grrrland"). Their leader is a school dropout who screams a lot, has a lot of depressingly awful things to say, and even did jail time. His gang soon gets rid of elections and rights and courts and stuff, and before you know it they start using the army to bully around their neighbors.

The democratic, peaceful nations in Europe get together to confront this guy (let's call him "Hans") but instead of telling him to knock it off or they'll knock it off for him, they actually agree to give him the extra land that he wants provided he promise not to do any more bullying! This of course just encourages him, and Hans is now ready to bully the next country. In a shocking twist, he makes an alliance with Ivan, the equally bloodthirsty leader Grrrland's ancient enemy country (let's call it "Slavistan")--and leader of an ideology that is the extreme enemy of Hans'--to carve up the country bordering them both. Hans invades, and his men are so unbelievably evil they actually wear black uniforms and do a stiff-legged march that resembles robots (just to make them sort of inhuman, in case the viewer can't tell they're the bad guys). They kill a lot of innocent people, including rounding up an ancient race of people that's just minding their own business and no real harm to anyone. Just to prove how fiendish Hans is!

The war rages on, and Hans and Grrrland have now conquered almost all of Europe, in fact they seem unstoppable. Then, just when victory is in their grasp, Hans turns on his recent ally, Ivan! This, despite having no rational reason to do so--Grrrland gets its resources from Slavistan, Slavistan has been peaceful regarding Grrrland and allowed Hans a free hand in Europe--Hans just does this to prove how nasty and conniving he is. (Though maybe this part gets unrealistic? I mean, really--it's like when a James Bond villain has Bond in his grasp, then does something inexplicable and lets the hero get away)

The invasion of Slavistan goes well at first, but then winter sets in, and Grrrland starts to lose big time. Troops dying, tanks blasted out, and Slavistan pissed. Meanwhile, Hans makes an alliance with a strong Asian country, despite being a hard core white supremacist. (I have Hans do this just to show that he's complex and unpredictable. Still not sure it's plausible) That Asian country of course starts a war with America, and then just to go even further in his "wildly unpredictable" ways, Hans declares war on America too. He's just that insane.

Of course, Hans now finds himself driven back into his own capital, hemmed in from all sides, and without any allies left. America and the European democracies, meanwhile, have made friends with Slavistan despite Ivan's rotten ideology and history of lying and duplicity that rivals that of Hans himself. I haven't figured out how to explain all that though.

Probably the film wouldn't sell. Just not believable.

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