Friday, September 3, 2010

Weather Drinks

Looks like Hurricane Earl is losing its power as it makes landfall (though must suck to be a shark out that way! Here you are doing your own shark business and suddenly "whammo" a freaking hurricane decides to grab you and toss you into Gomer's back yard). That means no point in drinking the famous New Orleans beverage, the "Hurricane" which looks a lot like Kool-Aid but isn't. DC isn't really in hurricane-alley, so it might be necessary to invent some drinks appropriate to DC's weather:

1) The Heat Wave. Lemonade, 7-Up, and vodka with a wedge of lime. Helps refresh you on those 100-plus degree days in our fair city!

2) The Freakish Snowstorm. When the city proves unable to handle snow in any capacity and shuts everything down, you're stranded man! Make some hot cocoa with a dollop of vanilla iced cream and top with Bailey's Irish Cream and a splash of vodka.

3) The Allergy Nightmare. In spring, when you're choking on pollen, you need something strong to get through it. This drink is basically bourbon on the rocks with a few sprigs of mint and crushed cherries.

4) The Rainstorm. When your lovely weekend plans get dashed by heavy, steady rain, and you have to sit inside the whole time, drink lots of beer. Any beer. And that is your Rainstorm.

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