Monday, September 27, 2010

The Bad News is Your Free Pony is Dead

Being an in-house counsel can have its ups and downs. On the bright side...okay, no bright side. But on the other side, you get to be the Mr. Downer of the company from time to time.

Case in point--our company is planning a picnic, where booze will be served and a host of fun activities (what will they be? Moon bounce? Zip lines? Drunken Segway rides?) will be available for all employees and their famblies. After the initial questions (such as, if we don't have kids of our own, can we hire midgets who can also serve as designated drivers? Answer: yes but the company will not be paying said midgets), it always comes to the inevitable--Legal has to weigh in on potential liability, risks, waivers, etc. You can almost hear the out of tune trumpet pipe in, reminding everyone what a good time we could all have if it weren't for Buzzkill, Esquire!

Yes, it comes with the job, and everyone knows it's necessary. But just once it'd be nice to be the bearer of great news! If this company ever gives away free ponies they should really let me be the one to announce it.

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  1. Wonder if the guy who owns Segway had a nip or two before going over the cliff yesterday? I wonder if he's the first Segway rider to die while operating one? Would this incident influence your decision as in house counsel to avoid the Segway tours? Or would you just add an extra rider to the waiver?