Monday, September 20, 2010

Over Air Conditioned

Among the other things that suck about summer (bugs, humidity, idiot weekend drivers) is the fact that just about everything is over-air conditioned. I understand where metro trains are concerned--after all, close quarters, people who may not bathe everyday? Why amp that up to full pungent?--and restaurants, as the servers and kitchen staff are moving around a lot and heat up fast so it's better for patrons to bring a sweatshirt than to have suffering servers. But my office is also about ten degrees cooler than it needs to be, and that means one of a few possibilities:

1) By keeping it colder we're less likely to doze off.

2) My bosses own stock in a freon company.

3) This place doubles as a meat locker in the evenings.

That said, it still beats the alternative. I remember at a previous job during the summer when the A/C wasn't working at all, and while waiting for it to be fixed I was sweating buckets and eating ice cubes. (No, the windows didn't open, probably to prevent suicides on days that the A/C wasn't working) And on the bright side, fall is right around the corner!

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