Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best and Worst of 2010

As the year ends, it is time to award the 2010 prizes in our "best of" segment:

1) Best political campaign of the year: this has to go to Christine "I'm Not a Witch" O'Donnell. Many candidates can lose big in longshot races, but she managed to become a lightning rod of media attention by repeatedly saying and doing inexplicably stupid things. But maybe she's smarter than we think--she's going to be a high paid media personality before we know it. Proof of the pudding--name the loser in the Colorado, Florida or West Virginia Senate races from this year--each of which did better than O'Donnell in the final vote tally.

2) Dumbest political battle of the year: Sarah Palin supporters trying to stack the votes to keep her daughter on "Dancing With the Stars". This is really about as dumb as Obama supporters trying to stack to vote to help out Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino on that same show.

3) Worst idea for a remake that shouldn't be done: the Red Dawn remake. Apparently the Chinese are going to invade, probably as a result of our bonds defaulting and them coming to repossess everything. Of course, this wouldn't be done with tanks and troops, but with lawyers (many of them American lawyers!) and papers indicating a security interest in our government's assets. Pass!

4) Best idea for a remake that was surprisingly not made: Road House. I mean, if you're going to do a Swayze film, make it Road House, not Red Dawn! If you hate the Chinese so damn much then make it so the Double Douce is owned by China or something.

5) Worst stories regarding the economy: anything by the New York Times about rich people complaining about how hard it is to live rich when their several millions were reduced to only a few millions. That family in Michigan eating ketchup off of cardboard really feels for you.

6) Best TV show discovery: "Party Down". Sadly, it never picked up an audience.

7) Worst State to Drive Through: move over, Delaware--New Jersey takes back the perch.

8) Dumbest trend: Justin Beiber. Looks like 2010 has an answer to Leif Garrett! If you don't know who that is then good for you.

9) Best Party Held at Shanadu: it's a six-way tie: Mardi Gras; Superbowl, Kentucky Derby; 4th of July; Labor Day; Shannon's Birthday.

10) Best things to be happy about as 2010 draws to a close--good friends, fambly, loved ones, health, employment, and pizza.


  1. My freezer is full of pizzas, you guys definitely need to come help me with them soon!

  2. J, I think I know where we'll be for football playoffs...