Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Hibernation Plan

Sure, if you were to ask me when I'm wide awake and at work or home, I'd probably say that I can function just well in the winter, but during those first few moments of getting up in the morning a strong case can be made for hibernation. The bears are onto something--just pre-pay your rent and utilities for a few months, bundle up and shut down completely. It's not like you're going to miss much:

1) Xmas--yes, colored lights and food and drink, the sound of carols on the radio for a bit before they get annoying--okay, maybe hibernation can wait until after December 25.

2) New Years--the taste of bubbly, a fine meal put together, and ringing in another year with loved ones. Surely another week before hibernation can work.

3) Super bowl. Ok, good things are being done with nachos these days, and you want to see the best commercials the ad industry can put together. Plus, there's some football. That's about another month delay for the hibernation.

4) Presidents Day. Who doesn't rock out on Presidents Day? And, before you know it, we're into spring again.

Maybe they can invent some sort of hibernation where you wake up a bit every now and then.

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