Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Long Island Keeping it Classy

Every now and again emerges a civil liberties hero. And every now and again, there's this guy. A volunteer fire chief in Long Island was suspended for having put up fake testicles on his truck. Initially, the offending orbs were hung below the back of the truck, as though they were the trucks own male organs, and then when the mayor asked him to take them down, the chief decided to hang them inside the truck instead.

Now, I'm not bothered by parts of the human anatomy being represented on vehicles, though I can see why for a public official it would be considered unprofessional and unbecoming to hang such things from one's truck. But what really gets me is that at some point this public servant was told by his boss to remove the balls, and he said to himself "these balls are so important to my truck, I refuse to castrate my truck!" and risked his job over this.

I just think the proper response would have been to wrap them in a Speedo.

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