Friday, January 14, 2011

Station Naming Rights for DC Metro

One way the DC Metro is planning to overcome its budget shortfall is to sell naming rights to its various stations. I think this is a capital idea! (Pun not intended until I saw how it looked, then pun intended) Of course, the sponsors of the various stations should be appropriate for the neighborhoods that they represent. Like so:

1) Pentagon: this should be named "Lockheed Martin" after one of the biggest defense contractors out there.

2) Arlington Cemetary: name this one "American Legion Station".

3) Reagan National Airport: the Democratic National Committee should pull out all the stops to secure naming rights for this one.

4) Capitol South: since allowing all the Capitol Hill lobbyists to duke it out over this one would be a mess, just compromise with "Lobbyist Station."

5) Woodley Park/Adams Morgan: this should be named "Miller High Life".

6) Gallery Place/Chinatown: name this for "Colonial Parking" since good luck finding a spot on the street if you're not getting there by metro.

7) Vienna: I'd suggest "Folgers" or "Starbucks" buy rights for this one, to appeal to the dewy-eyed morning commuters.

8) Rhode Island Avenue: I suggest "Remington Firearms" station.

9) Bethesda: I would love to see this get named "Wal-Mart" station just because of how much it would rankle the Bethesda blue-bloods. Of course, the really blue bloods don't ride Metro.


  1. I remember when the Republican controlled Congress changed the name of Washington national Airport to Reagan. And the Metro just left it all labeled National Airport. Until Congress refused to pay Metro their annual budget until the signs got updated. So I would be willing to chip in to change the name to Washington National Airport.
    -Chris Hourcle

  2. Chris--be prepared for the change from JFK Airport back to Idlewild!

  3. Metro's main transfer station used to be called 12th & G. A WMATA planner went to the GM, a former Army Corps of Engineers General and said, "Hey this name is really confusing. I think we should rename it."

    And the GM said: "Sure. Think of a name."

    And the planner said: "I'll think on it, and get back to you."

    And the GM said: "You've got twenty seconds."

    And the planner blurted out: "...Metro Center!?"

    And the GM said: "Done."

    I think it'll be a sad if it becomes McDonald's Center.

  4. MSnay--most likely you'll just see longer station names, since people are otherwise going to be confused ("meet me at Halliburton Station, formerly Farragut North..."), and then we'll see more of that "U Street/Cardozo/African American War Memorial/That Place That Sells Chilli". Frankly I sort of like how NYC has most of its stations, mentioning the street number or plaza. They certainly need to make the current stations more accurate though.