Friday, January 7, 2011

Taxes Taxes Taxes....

Whenever I stop and think about taxes, I get all ragey and full of furious anger. Not that I'm overtaxed, mind you--in total percentage amount it's not that bad compared to what people in other countries or higher income brackets pay--but why on earth should taxes be so damn complicated? This article just got my blood boiling to 11.

See, the tax code is hideously complicated for one simple reason--Congress is run by vile, corrupt morons who can't be trusted to construct a doghouse let alone write laws. And yet, year after year the torch wielding mobs have yet to form. See, the tax code has to be complicated because there are thousands of interest groups that each want to get some goodie, so certain credits, deductions and alternative schedules are necessary to please the various pigs at the trough. And the politics--consider, the tax code is yet another tool by which Congress can try and control society. It's not enough that they target spending to meet all their pet projects' needs--and it's not enough that they've regulated the hell out of everything. (Reagan I think was the one who said that from government's perspective, "If if moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.")

So the thousands of pages in the code and the hundreds of annual "tweaks" to it are really just due to some jerkwad morons trying to control everything and get more campaign support. And this is why it doesn't matter which party is in charge, they just keep at it.

In a world with decent members of Congress, they would take office and things would go like this:

Day One: We're scrapping the Income Tax Code completely. Toss it in the fire with Joe Biden's bad hairpiece. Sorry Joe.

Day Two: We're starting fresh with a simple code from scratch.

Day Three: Oh, special interests want to add stuff? Forget it, pal!

Sadly, we're just going to have to be content with more of this crap.

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