Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A No Pants Day Occurred

I have long been a crusader against the tyranny of pants, what with their constrictiveness and discomfort during hot summery months. To my surprise, I learn that in many urban centers (D.C. included) there's a "No Pants Day" where thousands of what appear to be hipsters young and old all decide to ride subways and metros without wearing pants. Now, I'll be the first to applaud striking a blow against our pant oppressors, but it seems they decided last weekend was the time to do so, despite below-freezing temperatures. This was likely to draw more attention to the lack of pant-wearing (during a time when everyone's legs are covered, except for Russian au pairs who seem impervious to cold).

Now, I don't know the first thing about the motives behind the No Pants folks that organize this--from the photos it looks like they're making a lot of effort to not pose but instead appear as though there's nothing different about them. Perhaps it's a hipster irony thing, maybe they're trying to symbolize the violence in the Congo, maybe they're trying to draw attention to threatened budget cuts for public transportation. In any event, a few things are clear:

1) Men really shouldn't wear tighty whities.

2) It takes a certain amount of daring or unselfawareness (yes that's a word) to display pasty white legs with stretch marks. More power to them!

3) Considering the various things that happen on subway seats, it's probably a good idea to bring your own sitting mat when you ride in your underwear.

In any case, kudos to these hipsters for bringing attention to the need to fight against pants!

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