Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Snow? How you like them apples?

Everyone who's heard my rants knows I have no love of snow, since I bring that fact up every time it snows, sleets, rains heavy, there's good food to eat, there's background music, or I've ridden in a car that day. Snow sucks.

So yesterday's blizzard brought the usual "oh crap" moment because on the drive home it wouldn't take much for DC's ordinarily chaotic tumble of morons to let the mushy unsalted roads become a quagmire of stopped cars for hours. I fortunately missed that mess last year, and fortunately for this time, the snow didn't stick. Close one, snow--but you'll have to do better than that to mess up this guy! (Knocks on wood)

Anyway, a Mainer buddy of mine raised the point that the lack of snow is hurting the tourism industry up there, because Maine is partly dependent on ski bums from Massaholia and parts beyond to support their lumber-based economy. I am skeptical of her argument, since of course if the roads are hazardous enough then the obnoxious Bostonians won't even be able to drive their BMWs up to Sugarloaf or Sunday River, and may take their vacations elsewhere, like that island where you get to hunt the most dangerous game. Humans!

If you absolutely must ski, and there's no snow, then I'd suggest instead riding a mountain bike down the slope. Voila. Thank me later, Sully.

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