Friday, January 27, 2012


Everything in life is a matter of perspective--here's what I mean:

1) Driving to work today in a heavy downpour (it was 63 degrees out) would normally have made me depressed. Except, it's late January--normally that would be a major blizzard this time of year. I'll take rain over snow when I'm driving!

2) Suffering a bad cold is pretty miserable. But when you're suffering severe stomach pains or a scratched cornea, you'd trade that for a cold any day.

3) Obama pisses off a lot of Republicans these days, arguing about his power grabs and big government policies. But they could have gotten a Democrat in there who would have passed a single payer health care program, a cap and trade plan for reducing carbon emissions, and allowed the 2001 tax cuts to expire a year ago.

4) If the "undead" are what we call dead people that come back to life as zombies, then we should have a term for those who haven't died yet, like "nondead". That's sort of off topic though.

5) A thirty minute commute to work is a giant PITA when you're used to a ten minute commute. But then listen to the guy with the hour-long commute and you'll quit your bitching.

6) The economy has sucked pretty bad for about four years now, with a weak job market and housing market. But 30 years ago we had all of that, plus pretty awful inflation, meaning whatever money you did make or save was rapidly losing its value.

It could always be worse!

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