Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Loss in the Battle Against Death

A lot has been made of Ted Kennedy's death the other day, what with long screeds about how great he was, etc. I suppose if I were a liberal Democrat I'd probably have seen him as some sort of hero, but not sharing his politics I see him more as the dim bulb of a privileged political family who was suspended from Harvard for cheating, ducked out of combat service during the Korean War, and was a problem drinker way longer than is cool--sort of the George W. Bush of his family (though never president, so unable to start a never-ending war in the desert). Plus, he drowned a girl and used family connections to evade the law for what was at least criminally negligent behavior. I'd also heard from people who'd worked for him that he was a dick to his staff and to anyone serving him (granted, that's second-hand, never witnessed this myself). I'd say I was never much of a fan of Ted Kennedy.

That said, I wouldn't with death on anyone--especially death following a long and painful illness. The nature of humankind's long struggle against Death--perhaps the subject of another post, but to say the least I see Death as one of God's cruelties that we should all be fighting at all times--should unite friend and foe alike. And the loss of someone we may not have cared for is still an occasion for sad reflection, that we lost yet another person to Death and offer condolences to their loved ones. RIP, Ted.

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