Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blasted Allergies and their Mysterious Ways

For many years now I've made peace with the fact that I get springtime allergies--for several days during a several week period the allergies would be so bad I'd need medication for them to stop the fits of sneezing and nose running and the furious anger that ensues. It was a tradeoff for the benefits of longer days and spring leaves and warm weather. It meant, hey, sneeze a bit now, but soon you'll be eating hot dogs and drinking beer outside like a Kennedy. I could deal with it!

But for some reason I've been plagued by allergies this winter. I don't think ever in my life have I had winter allergies. If it were fall or summer allergies, I'd figure it was some change in nature (a horrible flower or plant that needs killin'), but in winter nothing's growing so it makes no sense. (And I can't be allergic to snow since there's very little on the ground here and we had more than enough in Maine). It can't be anything dust or mold related--my home, office and car are as clean or cleaner than anything I've ever lived, worked or driven in, and the allergies bother me there as well as when I'm at friends' homes. I have been unable to locate the source of these allergies!

In the meantime the only solution is to burn, boil and destroy everything in my path like Atilla the Hun. Or maybe keep on the medicine.

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  1. My whole office, myself included, was dying of allergies today. I don't get it either it's winter! Everything is dead! Perhaps we're allergic to this horrible weather.