Monday, January 25, 2010

Fry Me to the Moon

From here on out I shall separate my life into two sections--PFD (Pre-FryDaddy) and AFD (Anno FryDaddius, or "In the Year of Our FryDaddy"). This is because this weekend I used one for the first time to make home made french fries.

Speaking of which, does anyone still call them "Freedom Fries"? Remember that bit of Congressional retardation? Lord knows that showed those pesky French, who now know that you cannot oppose U.S. foreign policy without serious repercussions, such as having the Congressional cafeteria re-name a food item so that a Belgian creation is no longer attributed to you. That must sting!

It was a rather easy thing to make, by just hand slicing the potatoes and plopping them into the boiling vegetable oil. Was it wise to do this while not wearing a shirt? Well, when has that ever stopped me? Cooking while wearing a shirt is sort of like sleeping with a bag over your head. It's just not done.

The fries came out terrific, nice and crispy and no salt was needed. The plan is now to find new things to fry. We are in the dawn of a new era.


  1. I received my Frydaddy as a gift for the purpose of preparing one specific dish. Deep Fried Twinkies. I know...brilliant. I highly recommend you try this delicacy. I would be happy to share my recipe with's a simple batter mixture to coat frozen twinkies, and a few minutes in your f-daddy. Delicious!

  2. Erica Joy--I am definitely going to be trying that!

  3. Next thing you know you'll be deep-frying snickers bars and Coke (it's been done at the Texas State Fair).

    You know where you go from here, don't you? Frying a turkey in 10 gallons of peanut oil. What would your Maine brethern think of that?

    When you do, give me a call.

  4. Foggy, there shall be much turkey frying, and the people will rejoice. It shall be glorious.