Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There is nothing quite like that first five minutes after waking up in the winter. When your body is in full coccoon stage, and it feels like a forty degree difference between the air under the covers and the air in the rest of the room. When the very thought of getting out from that lair, and good gravy having to actually run a razor over your face and strip naked in order to shower when it's so damn cold and you feel so damn toasty in that lair is just a thought you can't contemplate.

Of course, I could jack up the central air to 80 degrees, or leave a space heater running all night so that it feels like I'm waking up in the summer and my only complaint is how dark it is outside. Or I could get a timer for the space heater so it fires up about an hour before I plan to wake up. But it's more fun to complain.

As for these cold snaps, I'm getting mighty sick of weather folk (you know who you are!) saying every single year "we're in for a colder winter than usual". News flash! If every single year is "colder than usual" then there is no "usual"--there's just constant cold!

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