Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend wasn't a great one for my physical health. After all manner of German beers and then cognac Friday--on an empty stomach, unless you count the beer as dinner which I did--the followup on Saturday wasn't much healthier. Foggy had the gang over to watch the football playoffs, where he served a hearty gumbo and no one found the phrase "okra-dokey" even the slightest bit amusing. (But that's probably because it wasn't said loud enough!) My contribution to the menu was a new homemade salsa I'd been meaning to try, but the process of cutting the onions made me cry uncontrollably. I'm not sure what the issue is--I don't see why I'm so much more emotionally attached to onions than say tomatoes or corn. But every time, I tear up the minute I start chopping up the onions. Weird!

Sunday was rainy, so the day was spent watching movies and eating beef stew at the Scannerjockey's place, and then Monday I took advantage of the high 50s weather to get my car washed and stroll over to the art store. (Incidentally, I was wearing shorts comfortably--if this is the price we pay for global warming, you'll forgive me for opening that oil refinery in Mexico) Sounds pretty healthy for Monday at least, right? Wrong! I rewarded myself for taking this short walk by visiting McDonalds and trying out their new snack wrap. Yes, it comes with a side of self-loathing.

In sad news, I express my condolences to Scannerjockey whose cousin Peanut passed away recently. It's always sad to lose a loved one.

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