Monday, April 12, 2010

Battle of the Belge

Last weekend featured what should become the first of many such occasions--a Belgian Feast! Yes, it had everything, mussels, pomme frites, Belgian ale, waffles, chocolates, cheese, salad, baguettes--we even had a genuine German and Frenchwoman fighting for territory at the table. (The table, I'll note, remained neutral)

My task was making the french fries (yes, technically "Belgian fries") and was aided by two things--a potato slicer and a Frydaddy (basically, a pot to boil oil in). Were there burns on my hand by the end of the night? Of course. Was it totally worth it to have delicious thin fries to go with my mussels? Totally.

Originally the idea was to have this feast back in the dead of winter, when we're lacking in holidays and need an excuse to come up with something to look forward to. This of course got delayed, what with snowstorms and coldness and all, and basically I'd forgotten about it until some friends started reminding me and suddenly my bluff was called. But it worked out well, and hopefully will inspire people around the country to do it as the Belgians do for one day a year.

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