Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why is it....

Why is it that...

...I think asking for something "as soon as possible" sounds more friendly and casual than asking for it "ASAP"?

...I wait until the secretary leaves my office before I toss out the junk mail she just brought in?

...On TV shows they never show people watching nearly as much TV as people actually do?

...They don't sell beer in convenient 2 Liter bottles?

...KFC hasn't yet developed fried hamburger?

...In politically correct times such as these, we still have an NFL franchise called the Washington "Redskins"?

...Anyone ever invented the musical? What part of writing a play made someone say "hey what if they sang this part instead"?

...People get gigantic strollers for their toddlers when a skateboard and some duct tape will clearly do the trick?

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