Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gas Price Spike? Egads!

You know what I hate? Jerks. Let's start with the nightly news which does some jerk-like things that totally boil my potatoes.

Here I am, watching some TV, as I often do, thinking about how I just got my first aid certificate and can't wait to treat someone for a snakebite and just hope I get a good idea of what type of snake it is so the EMTs know what antivenom to prepare. A promo for the news comes on, saying something about gas going up to $9 a gallon. I'm thinking, "hey, that's not good! I need gas to power my automobile!" (Thought it in exactly those words) I didn't dismiss this out of hand, because I know about the tragic oil platform explosion that happened off the coast of Louisiana and is currently dumping a whole lot of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. After Hurricane Katrina knocked out some refineries, there was a temporary oil spike, doubling gas prices to $4 a gallon (not so much now, but back then oil was around $2). Perhaps we were about to see a similar spike! If so, maybe I need to fill my tank before the gas prices go up, or see if I can hold out until they settle back down.

So I sit through all sorts of news, about 17 minutes worth, hearing about Obama chickening out on immigration reform, another shooting in P.G. County, and another plane diverted because some idiot wrote "bomb" on an airplane bathroom mirror (probably warning others about the in-flight movie starring Lindsay Lohan). Finally, we get to the story about gas prices.

Turns out, gas prices were going up to $9 a gallon in some remote town in Alaska, because they hadn't kept enough of a supply in that town for the winter and were running out and extra gas had to be flown in.

Well, they got me to watch their earlier segments I guess.

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