Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorority Goes All Genghis Khan on Some Venue

One thing about sororities is that they have struck a great blow for women's rights. That is, women's rights to be as asinine as their male counterparts! Fraternities have long established their reputations as the places where young men can drink for sport, engage in exclusive if questionably homoerotic rituals, and make lifelong friends with a group of people you're lumped in with who also are willing to pay dues and live in a hovel while in college. At some point, the campus ladies said "hey, why can't we also be drunk and catty and exclusive?"

One of the more egregious examples was a sorority event that apparently wrecked the venue this past March. Now, most sorority events I've heard of involved the usual--extreme drinking and rowdy behavior--but no serious damage done. Reading about this case with the Pi Beta Phi Sorority (hailing from the great state of Ohio, which produced two of our Presidential failures, Grant and Harding) it makes you wonder--what on earth is wrong with these people? Breaking sinks by copulating on them, leaving feces in urinals, throwing plates full of food, destroying the floor, walls, and facilities--how proud their parents must be!


  1. Damn! That's pretty good. Tops the sorority wenches at my university who puked in front of a Girl Scouts troop.

  2. Hannah, this is the future of our country!