Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup Finals Party Ideas

With the World Cup ready to enter its quarterfinals stage, I'm gearing up for having a celebration for the finals match coming up in a few weeks. The plan is that food and drink and decoration will correspond the two countries in the finals--for example, if Spain and Brazil face off, we'd be drinking sangria and doing Brazilian bbq. If Germany is in it, a nice lager and alpine hats. If Argentina makes it, we will NOT be playing the Evita soundtrack. In fact, I shall preserve my guy cred by pretending I never even heard of Evita or this thing you call "musical theater."

Of course, this plan has its drawbacks--what do we do if Ghana makes it? I don't know what the Ghanese eat! I once had a roommate who was from Ghana but she always cooked Italian food if that tells you anything. And Netherlands--okay, I can drink a Heineken like the best of them, but what food do they eat besides pot brownies? Though on the other side, they did have some Dutch rock songs that made it big in the early '70s ("Venus" by the Shocking Blue and "How do You Do" by Mouth and McNeal. But imagine hearing those two songs on a continuous loop? You'd end up strangling me with my Argentine sombrero!).

If only the Irish and Italians could have been in the final--then I could have sat back with a pizza and a Harps like the best of them.

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